Pre-order Policy


Pre-ordering an item is a great way of getting your purchase in on highly sought after collectibles before they become sold out without reaching stocked shelves. When making a purchase on a pre-order item, you accept our pre-order policy and terms of service in its entirety.

When a manufacturer announces a new item and has given us consent to list it for sale, we list those items up as a pre-order. Pre-order products are items that have not been released yet or have not made it in stock in our warehouse. For best practices, we recommend not purchasing preorder products as a gift for another person due to potential manufacturing delays.

Pre-order Payments

Any and all pre-orders items that are ordered, are charged immediately by our payments provider per their terms of service. This also includes any order with a purchase containing an in stock and a pre-order item.

Pre-order Shipping Dates

All pre-orders will have an estimated to arrive (expected to arrive) date located at the top of the product's description. These dates are only estimates, as we cannot guarantee a product's arrival date. We are in constant contact with our associated vendors to keep the information available to you up to date. If an item's estimated arrival date has changed, we will update the information on file. We strongly recommend checking back on the product that was ordered for an updated estimated arrival date.

As much as we would love to have all items to come in during their estimated dates, this is not always the case due to the industry and it's delays. We understand your frustration in the event that an item is delayed, and we appreciate your patience.

Pre-order Refund/Cancellation

Items that are pre-ordered can be cancelled for money-back if you requested cancellation or refund on your order within 5 business days of the order date. This does not include Saturdays and Sundays.

If you Reach out to us on the 5th business day after your order date and we do not get back with you until the next business day, you will still qualify for the money-back cancellation.  

Pre-orders that are cancelled after 5 business days will be given in-store credit for the total amount of the order. For orders that are cancelled on products the have been pushed back by 3 months or more, you will receive an extra 20% of in-store credit as compensation for manufacturer delays. The in-store credit can be used for the purchase of any product, and can be used multiple times until the credit becomes $0. In-store credit will not expire at any date. Any changes to this policy of in-store credit will be sent to any and all customers that have an available balance. 

Pre-order Prices

Prices on pre-order products may be subject to change after the price has been listed. If you have pre-ordered an item and the price has changed in our store, we will not change the price and payment of your order. 

Although rare, some mandatory changes may happen to a pre-order item. This could happen due a vendor solicits a product with a pricing error, or when the United States Government assesses the product import tariffs.

In Stock Soon

Occasionally, you may notice that instead of an estimated arrival date, the text will instead say "in stock soon". Pre-order items that say in stock soon have been shipped out by the vendor and are on their way to coming in stock in our warehouse.

In stock soon items should arrive in our warehouse within approximately 1 week. As soon as these items come in stock, they will be available to be shipped out.