Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will my item ship/has my item shipped yet?

A: Items will typically ship within 1-2 business days if they are in stock or after arriving in stock. You will know when your item has been shipped out to you as there will be an email sent for the items that have shipped. You will receive tracking information in the email.


Q: When will my item come in stock?

A: For any preorder products you are interested in buying, at the top of the product description there will be an estimated arrival date at top of the products description (for example, "Estimated to arrive in April 2022"). Please note that these dates are estimates as we cannot always guarantee products will always arrive on time.


Q: Do you guys charge for preorders?

A: Yes, preorders are charged when checking out by our payments provider.


Q: The estimated arrival date on an item has changed since I last checked it. Why did this happen?

A: Estimated arrival dates are stated as "estimated" as we cannot always guarantee an item's arrival date. Items normally arrive either on time or near the estimated arrival date with the exception of specific manufacturers. There several reasons why an item's estimated arrival date could have changed. The following are examples including but not limited to;

  • The manufacturer delays the shipment on the products.
  • The manufacturer delays the release date of a product.
  • Product shipments may be running late by the shipping companies.
  • The manufacturer has changed the product design.
  • Delays due to Covid as workers are still being affected.
  • Manufacturers may ship products in waves and the first wave may be sold out. It takes time for them to make and ship the second wave of that product and any more to follow.

Q: Can I exchange an item I ordered for another item?

A: Yes, we do offer item exchanges. You must contact us and state your order number with what item you would like to exchange the one you ordered for. The item(s) you are exchanging for must not exceed the value of the item that you originally ordered. Item exchanges are free.


Q: A priced has changed on a product I ordered, does this affect my order?

A: Price changes will not affect you unless there has been a drastic change in the product's price. Price changes occur when the manufacturer has changed the price of the product, or if there is a pricing error on a product due to a communication issue. These price changes usually do not happen with the exception of specific manufacturers, as they have been changing frequently over the past year.


Q: A product I ordered came in stock and hasn't been shipped yet. When I checked the product in the store it is on preorder with a new date. Where is my order?

A: We fulfill our orders based on a first come first serve basis. When we get our shipments, we sometimes may not get our entire order that we made with our distributors at once. This can be due to a few factors: 

  • The figure is extremely popular and sells out quickly. The manufacturer would need to produce more to keep up with demand.
  • The manufacturer produces products and ships them in waves. The first wave may include 20,000 of a certain product and they ship those out. Then they product another amount for the second wave and ship those out at a later date.

In the instance that we do not receive all of our shipments, those products will be on backorder/preorder with a new estimated arrival date.